Baby Rabbit Care - What To Do If You Have Bunny Newborns

The phrase "multiply like rabbits" isn't just a saying, rabbits are known for breeding a lot and quickly. Baby rabbit care is especially important in the first couple of weeks because they are very vulnerable to many outside factors even in a domestic environment.

It's important to check on your baby rabbits fairly often. It can be quite an exhausting chore, but is really important in the first few weeks of life. Mother rabbits generally feed their young in the early hours of the morning. A good time to check on these little guys is around 3-4am. Be sure that they're feeding well.

If it looks as though they are not, Kitten Milk Replacer (which you can find at your local pet store) is a very good substitute. However, KMR is not quite a caloric as rabbits milk, so you may want to add a tablespoon of cream per can, to raise the caloric level a bit.

The best way to feed baby bunnies is to use an oral syringe, which you can pick up at any pharmacy. This will allow you to measure adequate amounts for feeding as well as to be sure the rabbits are actually ingesting the food.

If one of the young manage to get away from the litter be sure to put them back as gently as possible. If they stay away from their brothers, sisters and mother for too long they will get cold, and it is extremely important that they stay warm during this time.

Sadly, one thing to keep in mind is that baby bunnies are very fragile creatures. Even those with the best baby rabbit care may not necessarily make it through infancy. Do not blame yourself if you lose any from a litter if you have tried your best. In some cases, there just isn't anything that can be done.

To give yourself the best opportunity to raise happy and healthy rabbits, be sure to look into getting a bunny care guide []. These guides will teach you everything you need to know about raising rabbits, training them, and keeping them as pets.

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