Common Rabbit Behaviors

One of the most fun rabbit behaviors to witness is the binky. A binky is when the rabbit leaps into the air and simultaneously does some acrobatic twists and turns. This means your bunny is feeling particularly happy and comfortable!

Chin rubbing is when your rabbit rubs its chin on certain objects. Rabbits have scent glands under their chins and they mark territory by rubbing their chins on objects.

Your rabbit will grind its teeth for one of two reasons. If it is gently grinding your teeth and making what sounds like a purring noise, it is because your bunny is feeling content! On the other hand, if a rabbit is grinding its teeth very hard then it probably means your rabbit is in pain. Usually a trip to the veterinarian is necessary if you witness persistent hard teeth grinding.

If you see your bunny flattening itself onto the ground, it can mean two things. The first reason is a way to try to avoid being seen by predators. The second reason is that it is submitting to you or another rabbit.

When rabbits move around on their tip-toes, it means they are exploring uncharted waters and are unsure of their surroundings. When moving on their tip-toes, rabbits are ready to run away at the first sign of danger!

Sometimes a rabbit will thump its hind legs on the ground and make a surprisingly loud sound. This means that the rabbit is either frightened or that he is annoyed at you.

When a rabbit eats its poop, don't be alarmed! Soft mushy stools called cecals are re-ingested by rabbits in order to get vital nutrients that they missed the first time around. If you notice them not eating their cecals, then there might be a problem and you should probably take your bunny to a vet.

Rabbits use several vocalizations to express emotion. Grunting or hissing usually signifies anger or stress and should be interpreted as a warning signal. Honking or oinking is a vocalization rabbits make to express sexual interest. This is a common behavior if a rabbit has not been spayed or neutered. If a rabbit screams, then it is in extreme pain or fear. A rabbit scream is a distinct sound and you will know it when you hear it. If it is screaming for no apparent reason, then it is a good idea to take your bunny to a veterinarian to seek help.

These are just some of the more common of rabbit behaviors and vocalizations. Rabbits are complex creatures; they will continue to do things that will surprise even the most experienced rabbit owners!

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