Rabbit Care Guide

A rabbit care guide is an important tool for all rabbit owners for one main reason. Rabbits are complex creatures both mentally and physically.

Unfortunately they are often seen as being quite a simple creature and as such can be entirely accidentally neglected by well intentioned, but less than well educated, folks. It could be that these folks were not quite sure on how best to feed their rabbit or how best to play and have fun with their rabbit. Well, in this article we are going to lay out a very basic rabbit care guide, outlining what you will need to know to raise a happy, healthy and long living pet bunny.

The first thing any rabbit owner should consider is what type of rabbit is right for them. In order to do this you must assess your lifestyle:
- do you have kids?
- do you have a large enough home?
- do you have sufficient time?
- do you have sufficient money?

These are important things to think about because if you have kids it will be a good idea to get a larger breed of rabbit or a large size rabbit. This is because larger rabbits have a more sturdy, muscular physique and so are less likely to be injured by kids. In addition to this larger rabbits generally have a less nervous nature and are therefore unlikely to react badly to excitable kids i.e. kick or bite.

Keeping a rabbit require plenty of time and a large enough home to provide him with sufficient space. Generally you will need at least an hour or two each day to feed, groom, exercise and socialise with your pet bunny.

Money is also required because you will need to provide your pet with everything he needs. Some things your bunny will need are:
- a house... a cage or a pen or a large hutch
- water bottles
- food bowls
- litter box
- hay rack
- nest box
- toys
- grooming equipment such as brushes, flea combs, etc
- food! Rabbits need pellet foods or natural greens or a combination of both. Grass hay is also very important.

In addition to the above considerations you will need to have a good understanding of rabbit care topics such as:
- housing your pet rabbit
- how to groom your bunny
- what to feed your pet and how much to feed him
- how to exercise him and keep him fit
- how to spot health problems
- how to litter box train him and train him to do other things
- how to prevent misbehaviour
- how to interpret his body language and sounds
- how to play and socialise with him

So you can see why it is so important to have a good rabbit care guide and that there are many things you need to know to be a great rabbit carer.

Nathan Alan is the founder of RabbitProfessor.com and the author of "The Ultimate Guide To Caring For Your Rabbit". He is a house rabbit enthusiast and encourages the use of a good rabbit care guide.

Visit him at www.RabbitProfessor.com to find out more about caring for your pet rabbit and grab your FREE rabbit care guide.