Hay is the most important thing for the rabbit food.

Hay is the primary source of fiber, which will make the bunny rabbit digestive system is in good condition. Hay is also useful than it is. Hay is to entertain with a rabbit. Rabbits are arranged like hay. Or dig up and provided as required by the rabbit.

The rabbit to chew hay, which is necessary to keep teeth healthy rabbits because rabbit teeth are long and more. Therefore, we need to make a rabbit chewing things such as hay or safety of the players is limited to prevent the wooden teeth for too long. Rabbits with dental problems will cause problems leading to the dynamic of the gastrointestinal tract

It should have grass or Timothy grass, oat grass, the rabbit can eat more throughout the day. Healthy rabbits less than 1 year of age can eat Alpha,  which Cal Lori and high calcium. (Alpha Alpha may have difficulty growing rabbit kidney And bladder) should not be fully grown rabbit to eat healthy and Alpha.

In yet another angle. The children rabbit to eat  Alpha  may make it difficult to switch to grass with a protein Calcium and lower when older rabbits.