How do I know that rabbits have a problem.

It should be observed regularly rabbit feces should be taken and the ball much like peas. And should have the same size, same shape every piece. If rabbits are not taken, or less than usual or have taken.

Stool strange shape may be a sign that there is something wrong should be brought to see a rabbit vet. To treat yourself, or if it should be the initial drug treatment before rabbit hair 1 inch long day.

1-2 times per 3 days. If symptoms do not improve or stop eating rabbit food or drink, or stop the pain or if the rabbit is not taken for a period of 12 to 2 hours to take bunny to the vet immediately. Rabbits, but not to children under the age of 6 months premature hair drug without consulting the vet because it could be dangerous.

In this case, the premature rabbit medicine to prevent hair might be beneficial in some cases. However, if given premature rabbit fur with a dynamic system symptom, gastrointestinal, and then it will be detrimental. Because what is in the gastrointestinal tract have undergone some dry frozen solid bricks.

To provide materials like wax to coat the pieces that might be hard to stop the absorption of water back into the pack that. The pieces cannot  be broken off and taken out. Because this would be a good idea to focus on increasing moisture content prior to the gastrointestinal tract. Before taking a drug made from petroleum. If you have to repeat that and ask if you have symptoms of the rabbit's dynamic digestive system to take them to the vet immediately.

The dynamic of the gastrointestinal tract is often a miscalculation that the mass transport diseases. Rabbit's disease before meals pursuant to the dynamic of the digestive system different from the mass transport in the gastrointestinal tract. And how to treat a different diagnosis wrong went wrong with the treatment regimen. This is a grave danger to the rabbit. So help from the vet is the best way.

In this case, even the vet, some are not familiar with rabbit care. It might also be faulty. Therefore, you should find a veterinarian familiar with the treatment of rabbits to rely on in emergencies. That specialize in rabbit vet will be able to tell us that we have to stop rabbit's digestive system or obstruction and doctors can recommend changes do not correct.