The importance of fiber and feeding the appropriate.

When rabbits are fed the wrong that is being fed with indigestible fiber that has not fed enough or have too many carbohydrates. Stomach and intestines cannot  function fully.

And it stopped working. This will cause a standstill of the gastrointestinal tract at different levels. If it not treated immediately with a dead rabbit might be tortured.

What is to stop the digestive system. When the speed of delivery of food through the digestive system has changed, which will result in an empty stomach and rumen faster. When events like this occur.

More, we will see significant change in the appetite of rabbits symptoms did not want to eat this with both food and water.

When rabbits do not eat the food and water are made worse because of physical health, lack of food and water. Therefore, the body will adapt by water uptake from the stomach and rumen at the rate of an increase. Make what is in.

Gastrointestinal tract caused a lack of water, food in the stomach and rumen dehydration. Binding is a so dry and hard pack. The rabbit cannot  be taken before meal excretion from the body and carrying out a rabbit.

So full of food caused abdominal discomfort and gas often have been gastrointestinal. Due to the accumulation of bad bacteria in the rumen resulting in no more appetite even more.

Rabbits caused a standstill of the gastrointestinal tract, most will not eat and is a disease of appetite. Complications and problems that occur are a liver failure due to absorption of toxins from bad bacteria.

From the rumen is toxic to liver injury death in the end.

Most, if the owner and the technician noticed that the rabbits are disorders early. Stop symptoms of the digestive system can be solved using the time and composure Coupled with good advice from the vet.