Digestive system of rabbits.

From a small mouth with teeth, food will be crushed and mixed with saliva, which can initiate protein digestion. When rabbit swallowing into the stomach it is mixed with acids and enzymes, digestive juices, which will continue. After the food moves from the stomach to the small intestine is the small intestine nutrients are absorbed into the body. Food that is not absorbed, it will travel to the colon.

In this step, food will be ranked according to size Large fiber foods that cannot  digest food items will pressure smaller than the fiber digestibility, go back into the rumen. Rumen bag with tons of a small intestine between the colon. Large food cannot  digest the seed grow into a normal stool. Rumen and small pieces of food that begins fermentation, which will produce a motion that we called a rabbit night feces or cecotropes tend to eat from the bottom myself. cecotropes is different from the normal stool with a soft manner. Any skin, it is concentrated and has a strong smell than normal stools.
Rumen to maintain the ratio. Sensitive between yeast, protozoa and bacteria that are beneficial to the body. This is a critical component for the health of the rabbits, if anything is going to cause a vulnerable portion of this loss of Dun. Harmful bacteria will begin to grow and will produce toxins. Which is harmful to rabbits. Rabbits and may cause death.

In contrast, products resulting from fermentation in the rumen correctly is very important in maintaining a balanced ratio of protozoa, yeasts and bacteria that are beneficial to the body. Cause cecotropes normal rabbits eat and when to back the new system of sub-normal rabbit can absorb nutrients and vitamins that are needed at this cecotropes fermentation efficiency.

Therefore, the rumen is very important to the health of rabbits. And there is evidence indicating that the bacteria from eating shit eating grapes will return to digestion in the stomach was more complete (Laura Tessmer, B.Sc. and Susan Smith Ph.D: Rabbit Nutrition 1998).