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If you're not ready for the abundant energy and care needs of a dog and a cat is just not your cup of tea, perhaps you should look into a rabbit as a pet. Rabbits have been a common household pet for a long time. There are several reasons for this. First they are a very gentle creature and do very well with children. Their soft fur and big ears make them irresistible to kids. Rabbits require very little in the way of care. A clean cage, a little food and water and the rabbit can pretty much be left alone. They of course prefer some human contact and love, but they can go long periods without it and not feel hurt.

Once you find a rabbit, you need to provide it with a hutch. The hutch should be spacious enough to allow the rabbit the freedom to do a little jumping around, especially if you don't plan to let it out regularly for exercise. Cover the bottom of the hutch with grass, hay or shredded newspapers to keep it clean. A sleeping area that provides the rabbit with a feeling of more security also should be included. The hutch should be covered for protection, especially if located outdoors. Many unfortunate rabbit owners have woken to a missing rabbit, taken by one of their many natural predators. Also, make sure the hutch is well ventilated to prevent the rabbits from overheating.

Food for the rabbit is a fairly simple affair. You can find rabbit pellets at any pet store and these pellets will provide the rabbit will all the nutrition it requires. Of course the poor rabbit will quickly tire of such a routine diet and it's always nice to spice it up a bit with some fresh vegetables. Though rabbits will eat carrots, they aren't as fond of them as Bugs Bunny would lead you to believe. They prefer lettuce and other green plants, including the tops of carrots. Keep in mind that a rabbit will graze continuously and can quickly become overweight if they aren't getting the proper exercise. Any processed foods designed for human consumptions should be avoided as rabbits are very sensitive to chemicals. Make sure the rabbit always has a supply of fresh clean water.

Rabbits have teeth that grow throughout their lives and therefore they need a way to wear them down. Foods that contain high fiber content, such as fresh grass and hay, are a good choice. This fiber is also essential to the rabbit's natural digestive process. Be careful giving them plants from a garden as they can be poisonous to a rabbit.
The last thing you need to do is provide your rabbit with love. These animals can form attachments to humans and are quite bonding. Rabbits are perfectly happy sitting at your side or in your lap while you watch TV.

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