Facts about rabbits as pets

Bunnies are very popular amongst children. Story books, movies, and cartoons are all filled with rabbit characters that show a personality which results to the misconception that rabbits and children are perfect for each other.

Getting a rabbit for a young child could be disastrous. If you have been thinking of buying this pet, then you might want to take the time in reading the following considerations in caring for a rabbit. Of course, it is important that you never allow your child to have a pet in which he is not capable of taking care of.

There is really no need to be a very mature person to successfully own a pet rabbit. But, the fact is that these pets are much like having a toddler in the home. They are very fun and delightful, yet they can be quite a handful to care for. The need for time, effort, patience, and tolerance should be devoted in getting the best out of them.

Be ready to devote your time in training rabbits. Yes, they can be litter trained, also known as toilet training. They are highly capable of being trained, but you need to be prepared in meeting accidents first. A number of droppings and urine could be anywhere in the home, especially during the earlier stages of training. The key to a good training is patience. However, rabbits are intelligent by nature, and highly trainable. In fact, they even have the ability to learn a few tricks. With time, perseverance, and a little patience, your pet will be able to learn what is being taught in no time.

Rabbit-proofing some parts of the home should be emphasized. There are some areas in your house that the rabbits are not allowed to roam around as these could be potentially dangerous for both your family, and the pet.

Keep on watch during the time when the child interacts with the rabbit, especially during exercise. Aside from that, your pet should be allowed to spend time out of the cage for at last 3-4 hours daily.

In having a rabbit, always keep in mind that you need to sacrifice some of your belongings. Rabbits are simply inclined to chew and scratch as they are familiarizing themselves with their new home. These experiments are normal, and could be seen in virtually every pet mammal. However, there are toys and other equipment that could divert these specific needs to other means. Keep in mind that their natural instinct to chew and dig could vary according to different factors such as age, or if they have been neutered or spayed, along with what type of toys they have been provided.

Rabbits are delightful to have. They are very entertaining to look at, they have limitless energy, their ability to learn tricks is impressive, and they are capable of socializing with the people they live with, as well as other pets, if introduced. The responsibility of taking care of these fun creatures will not surpass the brightness they can add to your home.

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